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The fireworks, parade and other activites that happen each year
wouldn't be possible without your help!

How can you continue to help and ensure that Monson Summerfest happens each year?

There are several fun and easy ways...


Join the Summerfest Committee! We are in NEED of more members!

Visit the Contact Us page and ask to be part of the group!

  • "Round-Up" at Adam's Market

  • Enter the Adam's Market Shopping Raffle!  Wouldn't it be nice to have your holiday meal paid for?
    Purchase tickets from Summerfest members and keep watch for us at the entrance to Adam's on weekends during the fall

  • Place an advertisement in our Ad Booklet

  • Purchase our merchandise during Summerfest at the Main Street booth by Woodbine

  • Look for our Donation Canisters in businesses around town

  • Mail in donations to P.O. Box 113, Monson, MA 01057

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